Network Security

Information Technology Security is charged with safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information processed, stored or transmitted.

It is incredible to learn the percentage of businesses that are unaware of the threat they are faced with on a daily basis. On many occasions, I’ve walked into a business to resolve security related issues, and to my surprise, found their Information Technology Security status to be extremely vulnerable.

I once recovered a company’s server that was hit by a ransomware attack. Not only did they lose production time and other business opportunities, but unfortunately lost a few of their current clients in the process. In order to restore the office back to operation and bring their security status to standard operation condition, they were faced with a financial set-back.

What can you take away from this?

Imagine losing your business operating data to some hackers in a foreign nation. Failing to properly protect your asset could cost you substantially. There is no end to what you could lose- losing customer data could have some serious consequences, losing your own data to the wrong hand could cost you your identity.


Innovative Technology

Although we focus in three major areas namely; VoIP, Security and Business Recovery Plan. We have several other expertise we are not majored in at the present, although we have the skills required to build a domain controller, Domain Names Services Server, DHCP, VPN servers among others. We believe our efforts will be better at being the experts in the market for the services we advertise.

Although we don’t mention of providing other miscellaneous IT services like building a Windows Servers to include services like DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, VPN etc. We realize almost everyone is capable of setting up a simple wireless LAN within a small office, but not everyone have the enterprise skill of setting up an enterprise Wireless LAN in a corporate organization that are either collocated or geographically dispersed, we have the skills to plan an RF planning to determine what type of hardware will be appropriate and how to cover RF blind spots before an actual implementation.

We also offer site to site or Hub and Spoke DMVPN - Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network.

DMVPN technology typically connect each remote site to the headquarters; the DMVPN essentially creates a mesh VPN topology. This means that each branch can communicate directly with each other over the public WAN or Internet, such as using voice over IP (VOIP) between two branch offices, but doesn't require a permanent VPN connection between sites.


Lowers capital and operating cost.

Simplifies branch communications.

Improves business resiliency.

DMVPN eliminate additional network delays.

DMVPN deployment eliminates additional bandwidth requirements at the hub router.