Networking Technology

Device networking is the core foundation of our business, we offer most kind of networking as earlier discussed on our IT professional Services page, the consulting services for a VoIP will first have to determine if your existing infrastructure and local LAN or WLAN is capable of delivering the right VoIP or video quality.

In the networking department we design, install and troubleshoot switched networks and routed internetworks. All the engineering and traffic shaping on your network is done here at the networking department.

You are in good hands with professionals that spans over 20 years in the industry seasoned with the evolving and up to date technology from Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA e.t.c


Voice-Over-IP (Cloud Based VoIP)

Voice-Over-IP allows you to place a telephone calls using your existing internet connection. Wolex Technologies offer cloud-based VoiIP infrastructure removing the need to procure extra hardware, all you are paying for is the phone lines with an option to buy your own phones.

Using your existing broadband internet connection, our Hosted PBX and VoIP is cost very cost effective and comes with rich features with the ability to include Video chat and text. The ability to integrate your phone with your computer gives you some CRM benefits that allows you to efficiently manage clients.

Calls can be answered from any devices of choice like your computer, cell phone, home phone or any other number of your choice.

Our Hosted PBX and VoIP does not requires you to own an on premise PBX which takes off the financial cost and the man-power required to operate and maintain an on premise PBX phone system.

Our phone system provides you the capabilities of limitless call routing features and leading application integration, including Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, and more. Buying an on premise phone system is like buying a new car, in a about a year or two, it loses values quickly and you are stick with the cost to keep it maintained without getting the new features that comes automatically as they are available with the Hosted PBX and VoIP services that we offer.


Disaster Recovery Planning

hard-drive - Copy.jpg

Imagine losing all your data and you have nothing to work with. This happens to business either in partial form or just as a total loss of data. It is easy to assume that the data you are backing up is up-to-date and that you are backing up the right data and in the right format.

Some of the cases I have seen is either the data were not up to date which in this case, the business should be able to recover within a short period of time from the data loss depending on how less critical the data they are missing is.

There was another case where the data backed up could not be used immediately and the time it takes to extracts the date to a usable format could take hours putting the business operation to a halt.

There are cases where the data being backed up got corrupted when the server went through a virus attack, all of the scenario mentioned are minor setbacks that can be overcome over a period of time, not having a backup or not confirming that your backup is actually doing what it is expected to do is the most dangerous of all.

Disaster recovery planning is not just about having data in place and neither is this for every business. DRP involves the planning from data backup to natural disaster recovery and business succession plan in the case of a loss of infrastructure to loss of life, DRP is backed up by a documents that tells you what to do in the case of any of this occurrence.

Like I mentioned DRP is not for everyone, but the basic is business continuity which I thing every organization no matter how small should be advantage of this. Please contact us to learn more about other form of DRP like the Cold, Hot and Warm site.